Adam West is the beloved actor behind Batman in the Classic TV Series, the movie and Legends of the Superheroes.


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  • West had auditioned for the 1989 Batman film, which eventually went to Michael Keaton. Despite the 1989 version fiercely trying to distance itself from "the campy TV series of the 1960s", producers were impressed with West's gumption to regain the role after more than two decades.
  • Recent work of him includes voicing a similar character to Batman named "Catman" on the Nickelodeon TV series The Fairly Odd Parents.
  • West voiced an exagerrated version of himself on the cartoon Johnny Bravo. This impressed producer Seth MacFarlane so much that he asked West to star in his series Family Guy, playing "Mayor Adam West". Despite all gags used, MacFarlane and West have attempted to never make any Batman jokes on the show. Adam West also had a brief live-action role on the show, shown sharing a house with Rob Lowe.

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