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"Bless my dustpan!"

Alfred is Bruce Wayne's faithful butler, and is the only person who knows Batman, Robin, and Batgirl's secret identities. Alfred keeps himself busy with his duties at stately Wayne Manor, but he is often required to answer the Batphone. From time to time, he can be found dusting equipment in the Batcave and when the Caped Crusaders' investigation enters one of his many fields of expertise, he will gladly lend a hand.


Skills and Abilities[]

Alfred is extremely knowledgeable in matters of clothing and foodstuffs, and he is also an amateur mechanic, fencer, meteorologist, and painter as well as being an expert marksmen with the short, long and cross bow; indeed, in his youth he was referred to as the Willam Tell of Liverpool. On extremely rare occasions, he is required to go out into the field. Before Robin was old enough to drive, Alfred would put on his own eye-mask and drive the Batmobile if Batman was unavailable. Previous to working for the Wayne family, Alfred was an employee of the Earl of Chutney. Over the years of service to Bruce Wayne, Alfred has accumulated some modest savings, some of which he has invested in the stock market.


He also had his own mode of transportation, the Alf-cycle, a regular bicycle with runners so that Batman could be brought into town if the Batmobile was stolen or out of commission. Its features include the Two-way Alf-radio, which provides a direct communication link to the Batmobile in case of emergency. When away from his cycle, he could use a hidden transmitter in his handkerchief to communicate with the Batcave.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Alfred was played by Alan Napier. As he explained to Joel Eisner in The Official Batman Batbook, he was actually the first cast member recruited for the program, as one of its producers had been associated with Napier's agent. He agreed to accept the role after being informed it might earn him a compensation in excess of one hundred thousand dollars($100,000). Napier was born in 1903, and died in 1988, at the age of 85 years, from complications of a stroke he had suffered that year.
  • Although Alfred's surname is Pennyworth in the comic books, it was never used on the TV show.


  • It is shown in "Shoot a Crooked Arrow", that Alfred is good at archery.


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