"Oh let us eggsplore Gotham City's Sewer System!"

Eddy G. Heed AKA Egghead was a major enemy of the Dynamic Duo that believed himself to be "the world's smartest man alive." His crimes usually have an egg-motif to them as well as including egg puns in his speech where appropriate such as "egg-zactly" and "egg-cellent." Egghead is instantly identifiable by his pale bald head and white and yellow suit. He is based on a villain who faced Batman once called Barney Barrow.

Possible OriginsEdit

Fans suspect that He was bullied as a kid due to his egg sized head and when he grew up, he took it to the Egg-streme and renamed his villainous identity after his childhood nickname.


Additionally, he would use a wide assortment of egg-shaped weapons, such as laughing gas eggs and tear gas eggs (laid by chickens on a diet of onions).

Behind the ScenesEdit

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  • At the end of An Egg Grows in Gotham,the Narator called him The World's Greatest Criminal Mind(a nod to Vincent's upcoming role as Ratigan in the Great Mouse Detective)
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