The Penguin hatches a plot to get Batman to plan his crimes for him. He instructs his henchmen, Hawkeye and Sparrow, to give out free umbrellas outside the House Of Ali Baba Jewelry Store and a local bank, and when the patrons take their gifts inside, the umbrellas explode and spin; however, despite a perfect distraction, no robberies are carried out. After a worried Commissioner Gordon asks Batman and Robin to investigate, the Dynamic Duo discover that the Penguin is now running an umbrella factory under that name of K.G. Bird. The Penguin then launches a gigantic umbrella, complete with a multicolored Batbrella attached to its handle, from his store's roof; Batman is convinced that this is a clue to the Penguin’s next crime, and takes it back to the Batcave for examination, unaware that the object contains a hidden transmitter. Unable to find any significance from the Batbrella, Batman heads to the umbrella shop as Bruce Wayne, but is caught by Penguin and his henchmen when he attempts to plant a transistor microphone on the premises. Penguin has a fishnet drop from the ceiling, entangling Wayne. Causing him to crash to the floor. Hawkeye and Sparrow subdue Wayne, now encased inside the net. Penguin, believing Bruce to be a spy from a rival umbrella shop, sprays him with his umbrella gas. Penguin has Hawkeye and Sparrow arrange a fatal accident. He orders the men to throw Wayne into the tempering furnace used to forge Penguin's umbrella ribcages. They drag Wayne inside the fishnet into the back and place him on a slow moving conveyor leading to the fiery furnace.





Bruce Wayne, mistaken for a spy by Penguin and tangled in a net, is placed on a conveyor belt that leads to a 12000 degree furnace.

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