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"Great Quivering Icebergs!"
―The Penguin[src]

The Penguin is the arch-nemesis of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Penguin is known for his love of birds and his specialized high-tech umbrellas


One of Gotham City's top criminals, Penguin almost always tries to cover up his criminal activities with some other false enterprise. He often pretends to be going straight, claiming to be a legitimate businessman, and usually wins the hearts of all Gothamites before revealing his true motives. He also loves discrediting Batman and Robin. However, Batman always wins out because he doesn't concern himself with popular opinion, his dedication to solving the crime at hand allows him to cut right to the heart of Penguin's schemes. Penguin also fancies himself to be quite the ladies' man. He carries himself with an aristocratic air and is always formally attired. A cigarette is always on hand, and since he is one for the more refined tastes, Penguin uses a cigarette holder.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Trick Umbrellas[]

  • Umbrella Gun- Looks like a normal umbrella, it's really a gun.
  • Knockout Gas Umbrella- Shoots a deadly gas that renders its victims unconscious.
  • Jetpack Umbrellas- Giant jetpacks in the shape of umbrellas.
  • Boxing Glove Umbrella- Used in fistfights.
  • Confetti Shooting Umbrellas- Umbrellas that shoot confetti in the air to cause mass confusion.
  • Zipline Umbrellas- Giant umbrellas used to cross a zipline.
  • Bugged Umbrella- Used in one episode so that Batman could accidentally come up with a crime for Penguin to commit by The Penguin overhearing The Dynamic Duo "deduce his plot".
  • Regular Black Umbrella- The umbrella that The Penguin frequently carried with him.


  • His real name Oswald Cobblepot is never mentioned in the TV series.
  • The actor Burgess Meredith was referenced in the 2013 game Batman: Arkham Origins, as the Penguin mentions in a recording that his ship, The Final Offer, was originally named The Olivia B. Meredith.


Television series[]

Season 1[]

3. Fine Feathered Finks
4. The Penguin's a Jinx

21. The Penguin goes Straight
22. Not Yet, He Ain't

33. Fine Finny Fiends
34. Batman makes the Scenes

Season 2[]

51. Hizzonner the Penguin
52. Dizzonner the Penguin

61. The Penguin's Nest
62. The Bird's Last Jest

71. The Zodiac Crimes
73. The Penguin Declines

76. Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend
77. Penguin sets a Trend
78. Penguin's Disastrous End

Season 3[]

95. Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin!

98. The Sport of Penguins
99. A Horse of Another Color

114. The Penguin's Clean Sweep

119. The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra (Cameo)


  • Batman: The Movie
  • Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
  • Batman vs. Two-Face