The Siren


Portrayed by:

Joan Collins


Lorelei Circe, also known as Siren, is a chanteuse — able to sing seven octaves above High C — who can use her voice to put anyone under her control. She first appeared where she collaborated with the Riddler in a plot to control all boxing matches.


After Riddler was defeated, the Siren went to Gotham City Police Department and brainwashed Commissioner Gordon into sneaking into the Batmobile's trunk in order to find out Batman's identity, but Alfred put the Commissioner to sleep with a quick spray of Bat Sleep. Siren later hypnotized Bruce Wayne into signing her fortune to her only for Robin and Batgirl to interfere. Once Robin and Batgirl had defeated Siren, who ended up hanging over the edge of the Wayne Foundation Building's roof, they demanded that she release Bruce from the spell; the Siren says only a note still higher could do it, but she could lose her voice forever. Robin persuades her to do it, so the Siren sings it, but it's too high and her voice is disabled. Siren and her henchmen ended up being sent to prison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Siren has the ability to mesmorize any man to do her bidding by pitching a high note with her voice. However, her power does not work on women.

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Riddler - Partnered with him in his scheme to control all of Gotham's boxing matches.
  • Allegro (portrayed by Mike Mizurki) — Siren's henchman.
  • Andante (portrayed by Cliff Osmond) — Siren's henchman.




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