Second part of Hi Diddle Riddle


Robin has been captured by The Riddler and his gang, who make a plaster cast of his masked face and create a perfect disguise for his henchgirl, Molly. Luring Batman with some riddles, they manage to trick him into taking ‘Robin’ back to the Batcave, but the clever Caped Crusader is able to see through the deception; however, when Molly tries to shoot Batman, she slips from the top of the atomic pile and falls to her death. Batman rescues Robin from the Riddler’s clutches, but the Prince of Puzzles escapes to the Moldavian Pavilion; here, his sights are set on a gathering to honour the famous Mammoth of Moldavia, which is stuffed with priceless Moldavian postage stamps.




  • This is one of the few episodes in which a character dies. In this case, Molly--revealed from her disguise as Robin--attempts to elude capture from Batman by climbing up the Atomic Pile Reactor in the Batcave, thereby losing her balance and falling in to her death.


Riddler's operation on Robin only involved him making a plaster mask so Molly could get into the Batcave.

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