During a baseball game at Gotham prison, an exploding baseball and a giant spring hidden under the pitcher’s mound enable The Joker to escape, leaving behind a bust of his head. Batman and Robin suspect that The Gotham Museum is the villain’s next target, out of revenge for not being entered into its Comedy Hall of Fame. Arriving at the building, the Dynamic Duo soon find the Clown Prince of Crime attempting to steal the valuable jewels inside; a fight ensues, but Batman is knocked out by a falling antique sword, and he and Robin are captured. However, the Caped Crusader comes to and uses a gas pellet from his utility belt, allowing him and his chum to escape. Furious at being defeated once again by Batman's utility belt, the Joker decides to make one of his own, and then plans to steal the S.S. Gotham. He lures the Dynamic Duo to a live broadcast by the Gotham City Opera Company where they are captured by him and his henchman and plan to unmask them on live television.

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Part 2: Batman Is Riled