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" Wayne Manor Layouts

Stately" Wayne Manor is the home of Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson. It is also the residence of Aunt Harriet Cooper. Alfred, the Wayne's butler serves them there.


The Exterior of Stately Wayne Manor

The residence has a long winding driveway that leads up to the house. There are bushes along the side, which we can suppose Alfred takes care of.


Bruce and Dick relaxing in the living room

Living Room[]

Upon entering, there is a long hallway. Turning right, there is the main living room. This is where most of the activities take place. There is a long couch and two small chairs that are placed in front of the television set. There is a bookcase to the left and a fireplace to the right. The room has two giant picture windows that overlook the front grounds.

Bruce's study


Going back into the hall and heading left, you find Bruce's study. In it, we find numerous items such as a large globe, a bookcase and a bust of William Shakespeare. This room is off limits to Aunt Harriet and we could assume he might do some Wayne Foundation business from here.

Also found on the desk is the red Bat Phone. Here Bruce or Dick (but sometimes Alfred) will answer The Commissioner's call for help.

Sliding the top of the bust of Shakespeare, a button is revealed that opens the bookcase. This is the entrance to the Batcave via the Batpoles. There are two, clearly marked with signs as to which one belongs to Bruce and Dick.

Location of Wayne Manor[]

According to Wikipedia, the exteriors for Wayne Manor were shot at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California.

Known rooms[]

  • the living room
  • the kitchen
  • the dining room
  • the batcave
  • Alfred's room
  • Bruce's room
  • Aunt Harriet's room
  • Dick's room
  • Bruce's study
  • 14 bathrooms
  • foyer
  • Dick's dark photo room
  • 14 other bedrooms


  • According to Catwoman, Wayne Manor has 14 bathrooms, 18 bedrooms, and 3 entrances/exits.


Wayne Manor Layouts